Vinegar Helps In Aiding Blood Sugar Levels

Vinegar-May-Help-With-DiabetesPeople with diabetes usually keep an eye on how many carbs they are eating as carbs turn readily to sugar which impacts the blood sugar levels.

Consuming apple cider vinegar before meals helps some people to control their blood sugar levels better.

Some people also believe that apple cider vinegar helps curb appetite.

Usually you start with 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a small glass of water, the reason you use a small glass is because apple cider vinegar is acid and can damage the teeth, so if you add it to a small glass of water and then drink it through a straw it misses most of the teeth and then can be followed by a larger glass of water.

Then if you find that you are comfortable drinking the apple cider vinegar and have no ill effects (some people may get heartburn if they are prone to it, so they often are unable to do this). If you are fine with 1 tablespoon then you can increase it to two tablespoons.

For those that are unable to drink the apple cider vinegar then add it to a salad dressing and pour over a salad.

NOTE: Its important to choose a good quality apple cider vinegar and ensure it contains what they call the ‘Mother”

Below is a video on Apple Cider Vinegar With Mother courtesy of Braggs: