How Likely Are You To Pass On Diabetes To Your Children – MODY?

MODY stands for maturity-onset diabetes of the young or monogenic diabetes.

According to Athena Diagnostics MODY is different from Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

MODY is a group of at least six genetic defects that damage insulin response. Each type of defect has different symptoms and may benefit from different therapies.

Some cause severe high blood sugar levels; others damage the kidneys more; still another can wipe out a person’s whole pancreas, not just the beta cells. On the therapy side, some can be managed with lifestyle, some benefit from sulfonylureas, and others need insulin.

5% of all cases of diabetes is MODY (Asian people are more prone to it).

In the UK it was found that MODY is as common as Type 2 Diabetes amongst white youth.

MODY is a defect of just one dominant gene.  The bad news is that you have a 50% chance of passing it onto your children!

How to know if your Diabetes could be MODY


Those with MODY misdiagnosed as having Type 1 might be able to switch from insulin to a sulfonylurea in some cases. It would depend on which type of MODY they have, which requires genetic testing to find out. Sadly this can be expensive!