Beeping Insulin Pump Attracts Security Guards At Airport

Beeping Insuling Pump ScareAn air traveler in Florida claimed that she was roughed up by security after her insulin pump started beeping, and was told to leave the device at home next time.

Her mum said she is an insulin-dependent diabetic who has an insulin pump. She travels regularly in the airport. The alarm went off and she told them she had an insulin pump.

The woman traveler says she felt physically groped, that they went down her pants (trousers), her thighs, and advised her not to wear the insulin pump anymore going through security.

They advised her to take it off in the future if she wanted to avoid this happening again.  She was upset she called her mum after she got through security, she was crying hysterically according to the news.

Below is a video on preparing for a trip away:

So why do insulin pumps beep?

Here is the most common reasons:

Your pump comes with many beeps, sounds, and alarms that are there to help you notice your pump.

Generally the alarms will be the same sound. There are differences with how long the sound goes for, and some may vibrate. The alarm usually posts a text on your pump that you can read or clear.

Here is a list of various insulin pump alarms to help you decide what is important in choosing an insulin pump:

Low battery: it runs on a battery and is telling you to recharge it before it dies.

Dead battery: your pump can tell you that your battery can no longer function and will send you this message until it finally dies (so recharge asap)

Low insulin: when you’re getting low on insulin in your reservoir, the pump will alert you that you will soon need to get more insulin. Normally this is programmed by you as to when you want to receive this alert.

Suspended: when you take off your pump ( for things like a shower, or other activity) you can suspend your pump so it no longer pumps a basal amount of insulin. Sometimes though, it can be easy to forget to unsuspend it when you put it back on. If you get a suspended alarm while you are wearing the pump again, just unsuspend the pump.

BG reminder: you have set your up pump to remind you when to test your blood glucose levels at a set time after doing a bolus. If your doctor asks for a post-meal BG, your pump can help you remember to do it.

Temporary basal: when you set your pump to do a temporary basal amount, your pump will send you a quick reminder saying “remember me, I am giving you a different rate!”.

Auto off: this is a safety feature, you can set your pump so that it turn itself off automatically after a set number of hours. This is meant so that if you become unconscious in and unable to eat, your pump is not going to keep giving you insulin which will bring your blood sugar lower and lower.

So next time you go to the airport check your pump before leaving and ensure it is set up right and avoid having it sound off, you never know you might find some burly security guards pinning you down thinking you are about to explode!

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