Bitter Sweet – The Trilogy

Sugar-Drop-Diabetes-300-x-200Tom Craig, who has Type 1, and is a lecturer at the University of Derby has created a trilogy exploring the psychological aspects of diabetes through the medium of horror fiction.

Tom’s first film was called Sugar Drop and was a short 20 minute horror film about a Diabetic trapped in a lift. Despite being scary for younger people this film was a success.

Tom feels that is important for young people to talk about their fears and thinks that by creating a horror films it could be a way from them to open up and talk.

Video Below is a Trailer for Bitter Sweet:

Tom has now named his second film in the trilogy Argon Green and this film focuses on a story of an artist losing his sight while living in a scary house, this is another horror film and probably not suitable for younger people.

Argon-Green-Diabetes-Horror-FilmThe film is about diabetic retinopathy which is where high blood sugar levels eventually damage the blood vessels in the eyes which leads to reduced vision and can lead to blindness.

The picture on the left is courtesy of University of Derby

This film is 90 minutes long, please see the trailer below:

Tom asks for you to support his film, to do so see the link below:

Argon Green Support the film.