Fired Teacher Says Diabetic Episode Mistaken as ‘Sex Romp’

Diabetes EpisodeAlini Brito, a former  high school  teacher  was fired for an alleged lesbian sex romp with a fellow teacher in an empty classroom, she says it never happened!

The former  teachers are now suing the city after they say they were fired for a classroom tryst that never happened.

“My life is destroyed,” said Alini Brito.

Alini says she’s also trying to clear her name.

Alini claims that night she wasn’t feeling well because she was hypoglycemic.

She says she and the other teacher went to room 337 in the school so she could check her blood sugar.

Alini says she took her sweater off, revealing an undershirt and that the other teacher then put the sweater under her head, and that was it.

“When people say there was sex going on, when no one says there was sex going on in any of the transcripts, it’s just abusive,” Alini said.

While a report confirms that overall testimony in the case fell against Alini and the other teacher with the arbitrator concluding: “It is more likely than not that (Alini Brito) was observed in a classroom engaging in what appeared to be a sexual encounter with a co-worker.”

But despite the Arbitrator’s findings, Alini continues to maintain her innocence.

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  1. Bob T

    Amazing! What happened eventually? Did she win the case? I wonder did she really have a diabetic problem or a hormonal one! lol

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