Dental Stem Cells For Type 1 Diabetes

Dental Stem Cells For Type 1 DiabetesAmerican labs are banking stem cells from children’s freshly extracted teeth to provide a potential source of cell-regeneration therapies for ailments including type 1 diabetes.

Provia Labs says that recent research indicates dental pulp stem cells can be differentiated into pancreatic-type cells to produce insulin.

Below is a video talking about Dental Stem Cells:


Below is a video showing Alexa who is not a baby but had her wisdom teeth stored at the Store-A-Tooth service.

Store-A-Tooth service (provided by Provia) says that it is an investment in a still-developing technology.

Dental stem cells have not yet been used to treat diabetes — right now they are being used for bone regeneration and periodontal disease as well as some other diseases and they are highly effective.

Australian researchers have show the cells can induce nerve regeneration and differentiate into neurons, while a study in Spain shows the cells can bolster cardiovascular function in rats following heart attacks.

Stem cell therapy has come along way and are making great strides every day!

The fee for the Store-A-Teeth service starts out at $849 for the tooth collection and processing (and may be paid with our 12-month payment plan of $77 per month) plus there is a charge of $120 annually for keeping the tissue preserved.

NOTE: The baby teeth or wisdom teeth must be freshly removed in order for the stem cells to be extracted intact.

Among Store-A-Teeth customers are parents who, unaware their children would develop diabetes, missed the opportunity to preserve their child’s core blood stem cells at birth.

The video below talks about preserving dental stem cells.