Bowersox a Boon for Diabetes Awareness

Type 1 Diabetes Crystal BowersoxCrystal Lynn Bowersox is an American singer-songwriter and actress, who was the runner-up on the ninth season of American Idol. She was the first female finalist in three years at that time..

Crystal Bowersox fans (including myself), and many in the diabetic community that were rooting for her to win American Idol, were disappointed on when Lee DeWyse was named the winner of this season’s competition. Nonetheless, despite the loss, Bowersox’ stellar performance has been a source of inspiration for many and a boon to diabetes awareness.

After being rushed to the hospital with diabetic ketoacidosis in, a potentially life-threatening complication of diabetes, Bowersox bounced back to make it to the finals.

Judi Clapper, a 60 year old diabetic, who watched the live season finale while sitting in one of the bars Bowersox performed at when she was just 14 said that Bowersox gives hope to kids with diabetes she went on to say that there’s more to life than shots and insulin pumps.

Bowersox had generally not been overly vocal about her diabetes, but her presence on the show provided a boost to diabetes awareness.

But that has changed and she went on to be interviews on Fox 5 and share her news about supporting the JDRF’s Children’s Congressin 2011, check out the video below to hear what she had to say.

Crystal will appear as a VIP at the 2014 Friends For Life International Children with Diabetes Conference in July in Florida where children will be able to meet with her in person. Click here to visit the site.

Crystal is continuing to release some great songs and is loved by many.

She brought a song out Coming out for Christmas, after she released it she sent a twitter saying she was bisexual. This caused quite a stir with some people thinking that is private and not to be shared, some thought the video was not appropriate at Christmas. Check out the video below: