Patients Often Ignore Pre Diabetes Warnings

Pre-Diabetes-300-x-200When someone is told they have pre diabetes they often do not make any changes in their life or even doing some research to prevent getting full blown diabetes.

It could be that they do not realise that even with pre diabetes the cells in the body are already getting damaged. Often Doctors fail to tell people they have pre diabetes.

25% of the people who have pre diabetes will end up with full blown diabetes within 3 to 5 years, and even these ones who do not are still facing many problems ahead due to having pre diabetes.

Warning-Diabetes-AheadResearchers from the Center for Disease Control according to CTV News decided that they wanted to know if people who had pre diabetes were following any preventative measures.

They surveyed 1,402 people who had pre diabetes. The people were asked if they ahd taken any steps in the last 12 months to help prevent pre diabetes from progressing.

The people were also asked if they had been tested for diabetes or high blood sugar in the last 3 year

Of all the people in the group only 7% said they had been told they had pre diabetes

This means that over 90% of people are not getting told that they have pre diabetes.

They were asked if they had taken one of the following three diabetes prevention measures in the last 12 months:

a) Tried to lose or control weight (52%)

b) Reduced the amount of fat or calories in their diet (55%)

c) Increased physical activity or exercise (49%)

Sadly the researchers discovered that the majority did not receive any advice about how to reduce their risk for diabetes in the last 12 months by their health care provider.

Only 48% of those with pre diabetes had been tested fro high blood sugar or diabetes in the previous 3 years.

Out of the group of 1,402 the researchers noticed those with pre diabetes are often older, more likely to be men, often had heart disease risk factors (things like high weight, large waist size, high blood pressure, and high triglyceride levels).

It seems that we need to be making more aware of diabetes and the risks factors as the message is not getting through and people are suffering needlessly.