Gestational Diabetes Sufferers At Risk for Recurrence of Condition

Gestational Diabetes Increased RiskWomen who have gestational diabetes during their first and second pregnancies are at increased risk of getting it if they get pregnant again, according to a study from Kaiser Permanente.

They compared women without any gestational diabetes during their first and second pregnancies, women who did develop the gestational diabetes during their first pregnancy but not during their second pregnancy were still 630 times more likely to develop gestational diabetes during their third pregnancy.

Researchers examined data from 65,132 women in Southern California that gave birth between 1991 and 2008 for this study.

This risk was even more pronounced – 25.9-fold – in the third pregnancy for women who developed gestational diabetes during both their first and second pregnancies.

The risk of the condition recurring was substantial among women of Hispanic and Asian / Pacific Island descent.

Gestational diabetes was also more likely to occur in women over the age of 30 or who had longer intervals between each pregnancy.

Below is a video talking about what Gestational Diabetes is and how it effects the baby and how to manage the pregnancy to try and prevent gestational diabetes and ways to control gestational diabetes if you already have it: